IYPT 2018 Beijing, China

Wondering what is IYPT?

The International Young Physicists’ TournamentIYPT, is a physics competition centered on 17 non-examination research problems that are published yearly in late July. During the tournament, discussion-based sessions called Physics Fights are conducted and the performances of the teams are judged by expert physicists.


My Research Projects


4. Heron’s Fountain

Construct a Heron’s fountain and explain how it works.
Investigate how the relevant parameters affect the height
of the water jet.

5. Drinking Straw

When a drinking straw is placed in a glass of carbonated
drink, it can rise up, sometimes toppling over the edge of
the glass. Investigate and explain the motion of the straw
and determine the conditions under which the straw will

15. Blowing Bubbles

When blowing on a soap film in a ring, a bubble may be
formed. The liquid film may pop or continue to exist.
Investigate how the number of bubbles produced from a
single soap film and the characteristics of the bubbles
depend on the relevant parameters.


Again, I had a great opportunity to improve my skills and took on more responsibilities. During the preparation I enjoyed fulfilling the role of a Captain of a team of 25 like-minded people in our school.

So, what could be better than turning 18? Celebrating it in Beijing with people from around the world!